Our Fit Rocks Team!



Derek – Owner/Operator

Derek’s love for the sport of climbing started in 2016, and drove him to open the first Fit Rocks location in Moncton. He’s passionate about spreading the sport of climbing to everyone!


Amanda – Owner/Operator

Amanda is a mother of three that loves using climbing to stay in shape! She’s also an amazing instructor for kids classes, and helps get kids excited about climbing!


Edouard – Sales Manager

Ed started at Fit Rocks in the fall of 2018, and has quickly taken to the sport. He is responsible for spreading awareness of the company and organizing special events.


Brandon – Staff

Brandon has been an all around amazing help at Fit Rocks since before the company opened. He’s helped with everything from planning the facility, setting routes, keeping the gym clean and professional, preparing holds, and working shifts. When he isn’t at Fit Rocks he’s usually outside running or biking!


Igor – Manager, Saint John

Igor started climbing just a month after Fit Rocks Moncton opened, and was instantly hooked. Spending all his free time at the gym, it wasn’t long before he started working there full time. Now he is the manager at the Saint John location. When he isn’t setting hard climbs at the gym, he’s outside projecting another boulder!


Christine – Staff, Saint John

Christine started climbing at Fit Rocks Moncton, and moved with Igor to work at the Saint John location. She’s super friendly and fun to be around, and is always working to improve her skills on the wall.

Route Setters and Volunteers

Fit Rocks also wants to thank all the amazing volunteers and route setters at each location. You guys all make this place possible!