Bouldering is the term for climbing without the use of a rope or harness. This is made possible by climbing shorter walls and landing on a large mat for safety.

Bouldering is an amazing and fun workout! It is a great exercise for your body and mind. Some climbers at Fit Rocks have lost over 60 pounds, and others have put on muscle and drastically increased their fitness.

Bouldering is for EVERYONE!

Fit Rocks customers have range from 8 year old kids to a couple in their 60’s. We’ve had people try it out that have never climbed anything before, to veterans that have been doing it for decades.

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Fit Rocks is a gym with a fun and positive environment that is welcoming to all people of all skill levels. This is the workout routine that you won’t be able to quit, because it’s too much fun and the community we have is supportive and awesome to be around!