COVID-19 Update – June 18th

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We are open!

No booking necessary. The only major change is that all staff and customers must wear a face mask or face covering while at Fit Rocks!

New hours:

Monday: Noon to 10pm

Tuesday: Noon to 10pm

Wednesday: Noon to 10pm

Thursday: 2pm to 10pm

Friday: Noon to 10pm

Saturday: 10am to 9pm

Sunday: 10am to 9pm

COVID-19 Update – March 25

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Click HERE if you wish to continue supporting us during this pandemic by continuing your membership!

Click HERE if you would like to purchase a gift card of 10x punch card to support us!

Hey everyone, as you all know Fit Rocks is closed at the moment to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are eager to open up again for all of you, and have some great plans for when that happens! We will have all new routes in the gym, new holds, and some other fun plans for everyone.
Frequently asked questions at the moment:
  1. Question: Will I continue being billed / how can I freeze my membership?
    • Answer: We will be mass freezing all memberships to stop payments at this time. Several members have reached out and requested that we continue billing them to support us during this crisis. If you want to help support Fit Rocks during the COVID-19 Pandemic, please click HERE and complete this form. We can not thank you all enough for your support.
  2. Question: Is there a way to support you during the pandemic?
    • Answer: Yes, you can click HERE and purchase a gift card, or 10x punch card to help us out!
  3. Question: I had a prepaid membership – what happens to the time I paid for?
    • Answer: When we re-open, we will be sure to roll back all prepaid memberships to account for the time we were closed.
  4. Question: I had a birthday / party planned during the closure, what happens now?
    • Answer: Unfortunately we can’t host your party during this closure, but we will happily reschedule at no cost and include 2x extra free passes for the birthday kid to come back with friends on us! If you don’t wish to reschedule, we will refund the cost of your deposit in full.
  5. Question: When will you be open again?
    • Answer: We wish we could give a firm answer, and we certainly hope it is sooner than later… At this time we will heed the governments suggestions, and when they deem is appropriate for us to be open again, we will be.
  6. Question?: I miss you!
    • Answer: We miss all of you more than you can know… We say it all the time, this place is more than just a gym. Though we can’t be together right now, we will get through this as a community and come together again. Much love to you all. Stay safe.

End of summer Competition!

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Competition details

Date: August 31st and September 1st, 2019
Location: Saint John Fit Rocks
40 Ashburn Lake Road, Unit 24, Saint John, NB
Start time: 1:00pm

Cost: $30 for Adults, $20 for Youth for early sign up, or $35 for Adults, and $25 for Youth if you sign up after August 26th. Sign up early to help us prepare for the competition properly, and save yourself some money!



Youth: Age 13 to 17
Adults: Intermediate and Advanced
To qualify for the finals you must be entered in the Advanced category. The top climbers in the Youth division will have a separate finals. Adults will climb on August 31st, and Youth on September 1st. There will be 6 finalists for each gender.


August 31st:
11:00am – Advanced Qualifiers
2:00pm – Intermediate Open
6:00pm – Adult finals (Isolation at 5:00pm)
September 1st:
11:00am – Youth (13 to 17) Qualifiers + Kids (12 and under) Open
3:00pm – Youth Finals (Isolation at 2:00pm)


Qualifiers: Everyone climbs at the same time – routes will range from beginner to expert. There will be ~30 routes available. From this round we will take the top 6 scores from Men, Women, and Youth in Advanced categories to seed the finals.
Finals: The finals will be one climber at a time, with 3 problems for each division.
All scores will be posted online after the competition. There will be tons of door prizes that everyone will have a chance to win, as well as some prizes specifically for the finalists.

Member Loyalty Program

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We have an awesome membership loyalty program!
– One FREE guest per month
– Sign up three new members, get one FREE month

End of Summer Competition in Saint John!

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We are hosting a bouldering competition at the end of summer in the Saint John gym! The competition is August 25th in the afternoon and evening. There are three divisions, and it is sure to be a fun day for climbers of all skill levels. We will have drinks, swag, cool routes and a great time! You can sign up on the website or at the gym. You can reach the event page on Facebook here for more information.